A great way to compose a photograph, and make it look more interesting and balanced is by using reflections. Reflections are everywhere and can be in windows, shiny surfaces, puddles, lakes, rivers, almost anything shiny. Using reflections for your pictures can be especially helpful for Instagram type shots as it’s easier to compose a square or portrait pictures.

Below you will find some examples of using reflections to enhance your pictures.

1. Rivers, Canals, Lakes etc.

Rivers, canals and lakes are common elements which are always great for reflections. You may not always get a perfect reflection, for example if the water is moving or it’s windy, but sometimes and often in the morning or late at night you may find the water perfectly calm, giving you mirror-like reflections.

Photography, reflections in a river
Reflections in still water in a river

2. Puddles

Puddles are great for reflections as long as it’s not rainy or windy. If you ever see a puddle near something interesting, crouch down low and see if there is a reflection. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, but then sometimes you get a perfect puddle that will transform an image.

Photography tips, reflections in a puddle
Mirror reflections in a puddle

3. Shiny Objects

Dark coloured cars are another way you can get reflection images. Whenever you are walking around keep an eye out for the roof or bonnet (hood) of cars. Even the doors may add an opportunity.

photography, reflections on a car
Reflections on a car

4. Windows and Glass

When walking around keep an eye out for windows and glass that may be reflective, and you may get a shot such as below.

Reflections in Glass
Reflections in Glass


Have you got any other ideas on how to take reflection shots? Please leave a comment below…

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Photography Tips – Reflections


  1. feetdotravel

    Oh my gosh, your puddle and car reflective shots are breathtaking! OK, so of course your river/canal is as well, that goes without saying but most people know about using them for a different option but until I saw your latter two photos, it never would have occurred to me that it would even work! You haven’t just explained how to do it, you have shown that you can actually capture a stunning photo from just having your eyes open a little more to your surroundings. Thank you so much for sharing these tips, I will do my very best to put them into practice on my travels!

    • Mike

      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I hope it helps and for sure next time you see some water or something reflective try getting low or close and seeing if there is an opportunity for a good picture. If there is wind or rain is falling the water may not be still enough though. 🙂

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