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10 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Yoga Retreat

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Yoga has conquered this generation’s mind overwhelmingly in the past few decades and yoga retreats have become a fantastic holiday choice. Whether it’s a summer vacation, family holiday, or Easter break, it is not unusual to desire time away from the monotonous hours of regular life.

During holidays, people either want to go exploring, learn something new, spend time with the family, or just sit around with no work. What if I tell you that you can get all these in one yoga retreat package? No matter what you are planning for your next holiday, a yoga retreat is sure to captivate you. Whether you have any previous experience or are just starting to explore ancient science, scroll through this post. Here are 10 reasons why you should go on a yoga retreat.

1. Learn and advance your yoga

Learning something new is always a great thing. If you are a regular practitioner, you are likely to improve your practice and if you are not, it’s an ideal opportunity to pick up the art and further implement it in your life for robust living. The best thing is you get inspired by the yogis and their knowledge. When going to a yoga retreat, you don’t need anything but discipline and a little dedication for your own good.

2. A great tool for relaxation

People often need time to rest after a vacation, but the beauty of a yoga retreat is that it is designed primarily for deep mental and physical relaxation. A yoga retreat is more a celebration than a vacation. Many offer rejuvenating tools such as herbal massage, yoga therapy, detoxification therapy and more, that will clear all those strenuous ideas and elements from the body. In addition, the spiritual panorama of the ashram revitalizes the mind and soul.

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Yoga Retreat2
Practising on the beach

3. Explore new places

With a yoga retreat comes the opportunity to explore new places. Almost all retreats include local sightseeing and excursions including many more recreational activities. Apart from this, in a new town, you can witness the natural, cultural, and historical beauty of that locality. There are often opportunities to stay a little longer than the retreat duration and wander around the destination to know more about that particular place.

4. You’ll experience the world in a new way

It is not so easy these days to look at the world away from the computer screens, but a yoga retreat lets you perceive the world using a different perspective. With the art of devotion and affinity, you create a sense of amity in you. A bond shall be created along the yogic cord with people from different countries, cultures, and languages that put a wider and more diverse picture of the planet you are living in. Yoga edifies to love every creature created by God.

5. You’ll find lifelong friendships

No matter whether you are accompanied by your friends or family, you are most likely to make new friends. You might even meet someone for life. You might encounter a stranger whether in the retreat group or on the streets of the destination influencing you so deeply that you go on to create an unbreakable bond. Such is the power and beauty of yogic philosophy that it binds people to one another and makes them socialize in a nourishing manner.

Yoga Retreat1
Group practising

6. A better way to enjoy family

It’s always great to have the shadow of your dear ones. During the yoga retreat, you are likely to enjoy the retreat even more with your family around. Yoga is the science of love, compassion and integrity which you and your family will learn. You become more responsible and solicitous towards nurturing relationships.

7. It gives your life more purpose

Every minute and hour of a yoga retreat counts with a certain purpose. Of course, there is an ultimate goal which is attained by incorporating a number of committed moments. It makes you learn to live life for an objective. It coerces you to understand the relevance of every second and every minute. You are most likely to become a more responsible person than ever. Each day would be a destination and each moment a journey.

8. Connection with nature

Yoga retreats are usually organised in stunning locations; on the mountains, near cascades, or by the beaches. Your eyes will not only witness the charm of nature but also gain many reasons to fall in love with it and get intimate with the natural serenity. Away from the noise of city life, find a perfect space in the midst of natural calmness. A yoga retreat is an awesome opportunity to embrace the love and affection Mother Nature has gifted to humankind.

Yoga in the jungle, Ubud
Practising in the jungle

9. Forge a positive mind

Yoga is not a physical exercise, rather a philosophy of positivity. During a yoga retreat, you learn to live life peacefully, cheerfully and optimistically. It creates a confident mind that is full of positive vibes, which teaches you not to accept defeat without a fight. Around so many practitioners and accomplished teachers, you discover the hidden potential by coming out of your comfort zone slowly and constructively.

10. You take the whole vacation back with you

In any circumstance, it almost looks impossible to collect the things that you have spent on a holiday trip to take back home. But a yoga retreat allows you to carry almost everything you have learned, from yoga asanas to healthy routines, and from a collection of enthralling experiences to a rejuvenated mind. This is not just a span of a week or a month, instead, it’s a collection of memorable moments lived with tremendous affinity and sentiment.


You learn and improve a new art along with making it part of your daily life. Everyone has a different reason and perspective for going on a yoga retreat but the core is the same for all i.e., achieve tranquillity, mental integration, and a blissful timeout. Go to a yoga Retreat and capture this life and its beauty at its best.

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