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Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography is a fantastic book for anyone wanting to learn or improve their photography. It is first such book I ever purchased and is where my passion for travel photography was discovered. As someone that loves travelling and taking pictures (using a point and shoot), I felt I needed to improve and this book set me on my path.

About the book

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography goes through all the different elements of photography from the very basics, equipment, planning, taking the shots, through to specific techniques such as night photography. The book is well written and easy to understand and would be suited for both beginners through to amateurs/hobbyists.

As you read the book you’ll find pictures along with the settings used. This helps you understand how to create specific and technical images.

Details and buy now

Name of book: Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography – 4th edition
Num pages: 368
Author: Richard I’Anson/ Lonely Planet
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Published year: 2012


Name of book: Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography – 5th edition
Num pages: 376
Author: Richard I’Anson/ Lonely Planet
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Published year: 2016



I think this book would be a perfect tool for anyone looking to learn photography, be it just how to take certain shots such as portraits, or to improve as a whole. Since reading Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography I have also gone on to sell tens of thousands of images through stock agencies and have even sold images to luxury hotels and tourism boards. As well as this I now return from my trips with much better images to share with my followers on Instagram, as well as print for home.

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