Best Travel Photography Tools and Resources

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Nowadays you’ll find heaps of fantastic tools and resources for your travel photography. From editing applications, portfolio services, social media sharing apps and more.

Here are some of the best tools, apps and resources for your travel photography.

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Lightroom is a top photography tool to use for organising and editing your photographs. The tool is extremely easy to use and comes packed with features. Such as basic editing controls to enhance your photographs, presets, HDR, and panoramic options, and lots more. There is a desktop and mobile app version. The product is also part Adobe Cloud which allows you to pay a monthly subscription and get updates to the software as it becomes available. Head to Adobe Lightroom – The Best tool for Photo Processing to read more.


For those who want to take their editing to the next level then consider using Photoshop. This software application has lots of high-end features such as layers, advanced effects and filters, content aware scaling, the ability to make advanced colour changes and lots more.

For the newbie, it’ll probably take a while to get used to Photoshop. Consider watching YouTube tutorials to learn how to use it and some of the different things you can do.


If you’re looking to showcase your images in a more professional fashion then it’s worth building a portfolio. SmugMug is a great option for this. The service (which now also owns Flicker) allows you to easily build yourself a website using a wide range of templates and blocks. You can further customise the colours and look and feel of your site in the options. Some of the other features available is being able to set a custom domain name (website address), create password protected galleries (great for clients) and a huge amount more which makes it a great tool for photographers.

Read more about Smugmug on our site.


PhotoPills is an app that comes packed with features to help you with your photography. A couple of key features includes sunrise, sunset, blue hour, the position of the sun throughout the day, augmented overlay of the Milky Way and lots more. For serious hobbyists and pro photographers, this is a great app to use.

Sunset and sunrise is often one of the most important times for a photographer. It’s when you’ll often get beautiful and colourful skies which can make some of the most incredible photographs. is a great site where you can keep track of the sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. This means you could plan your trips around reasonable sunrise and sunset times, rather than when it’s at silly o’clock.

Read about Golden Hour photography.


Instagram is a great community for travel photographers where you can connect with other photographers, as well as build up fans of your work. The app (now owned by Facebook) allows you to upload external images you’ve taken, such as from your DSLR, mobile camera apps, or you can even take photographs directly within Instagram. There are various built-in editing functions available, including brightness, cropping, saturation and more, and you can also use filters to give your photo a different kind of look.

Instagram also allows you to share Stories which are great for showing behind the scenes. Such as your camera setup, possibly the before and after image and other interesting stuff.

Also, check out our accounts @travelanddestinations and @mikecleggphoto (Editors account).


Even if you don’t want to purchase your equipment from Amazon, the website is also a great place to go for reviews. For most major products you’ll find heaps of reviews from previous customers which allows you to make a more informed decision before purchasing. Amazon is of course also a good place to buy due to the service they offer, the huge range of products they have available, as well as the various international sites around the world.

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