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Mostar is a beautiful city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is famous for it’s Stari Most (Old Bridge) which crosses the stunning Neretva River. Throughout the Old Town you will find incredible architecture, countless cute shops as well as fantastic restaurants.

In this post you will find pictures of the things you would see on your visit to the city. You may also like my post 9 Top Instagram and Photography Spots in and Around Mostar.

Old architecture

Throughout the Old Town you will find lots of incredible old architecture, including the Old Bridge (Stari Most), Crooked Bridge (Kriva Cuprija) and mosques.

Crooked Bridge - Kriva Cuprija, Mostar
Crooked Bridge – Kriva Cuprija
Great architecture throughout the city, Mostar
Great architecture throughout the city
Beautiful Mosques, Mostar
Beautiful Mosques
The stunning Stari Most Bridge, Mostar
The stunning Stari Most Bridge

Cute shops

If you like shopping you won’t have trouble finding something pretty to buy. There are plenty of shops providing different items from traditional products, clothing, lanterns, kitchen accessories, cups, pictures, paintings and more.

Streets of Old Town Mostar at night
Streets of Old Town at night
Mostar at night
Great places to chill and relax
Cute streets in Mostar
Cute streets
Shops and cobbled streets, Mostar
Shops and cobbled streets
Streets of Mostar in the morning
Streets in the morning

Places to Eat

The food is excellent and very affordable. In the Old Town especially you will find endless dining opportunities, with most of them providing the al fresco experience.

Streets at night, Mostar
Streets at night
Delicious fresh food in Mostar
Delicious fresh food


Close to Stari Most (Old Bridge) and along the waterside there will be performers or individuals, often jumping from the bridge or diving platforms into the Neretva River.

Jumpers performing along Stari Most Bridge
Jumpers performing along Stari Most Bridge
Jumpers along the Neretva River
Jumpers along the Neretva River

Not far from Mostar

Not far from Mostar is Blagaj, which is home to an old monastery called Blagaj Tekke. This monastery is built into a cliff and is from around the 1520’s. It is now a popular excursion from Mostar.

Blagaj Tekke Monastery, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Blagaj Tekke Monastery
Waterfall at Blagaj
Waterfall at Blagaj

We hope these pictures help give you an idea of what Mostar is like. Any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

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An excellent place to stay is Guest House Goa, where you’ll receive a warm welcome and will be only 5 minutes walk away from the Old Bridge. Also from some of the rooms you get a view towards the bridge.  If you stay here I highly recommend you have the breakfast, as it was excellent value, tasty and seemed very traditional.

Breakfast at a Guesthouse
Breakfast at a Guesthouse

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