This section of the website has posts related to luxury, both hotels, experiences and products. Over time you’ll find lots more posts on this page.

What is luxury

Everyone’s idea of what luxury is may be different, but for me it is:

  • Going on an experience with extremely high-quality service, often where the service is far higher than basic expectations.
  • Doing something that you wouldn’t normally do, that is generally of high quality.
  • Staying in a hotel that has exceptional facilities, beautiful decoration and provides lots of benefits to provide you with an extremely high level of comfort.
  • A product that is of extremely high quality and desirable. The product may be made from special materials, or have unique features.
  • The experience, product or hotel may be far more expensive than the average.

For many people, luxury may be a special treat, such as for a special occasion (ie a honeymoon) you may go on a luxurious holiday. For others with large incomes, celebrities, or people in high business positions, then such lifestyles may be part of their everyday.

General posts

Here are some general posts that you may find helpful or interesting. Including benefits of staying in a luxury hotel and some suggestions of places to stay in beautiful destinations.

Hotel Ideas

10 Luxury Hotels in London – A selection of the top and most beautiful hotels to stay in London.

Luxury Hotels in Europe

Below you will find some posts on various hotels in Europe that I’ve stayed in. Visit the links to find out more about them and their features, as well as to see lots of pictures from throughout the hotel.