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Top Landscape Photographers on Instagram You Should Follow


Landscape photography is one of the most beautiful styles of photography, although not that easy to do yourself. It involves lots of early morning starts for sunrise, patience, dedication and a lot of knowledge about how to take the perfect photograph. Here are some of the best landscape photographers on Instagram that you should follow.

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Landscape and Instagram Photographers

1. @martinrakphoto

Starting with Martin, who is an awesome landscape photographer based in Prague. As well as images from the Czech Republic, on his feed you’ll see beautiful images from many other scenic destinations around the world.

A post shared by Martin Rak (@martinrakphoto) on

2. @cumacevikphoto

Cuma’s work is exceptional and hugely inspiring. He often travels with his wife Merve who is mentioned below and also takes incredible photographs.

A post shared by Cuma Çevik (@cumacevikphoto) on

3. @merveceranphoto

Merve shares pictures on her Instagram feed from all around the world. From Vietnam, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Just like Cuma (her partner mentioned above) her work is fantastic and hugely inspiring.

A post shared by Merve Çevik (@merveceranphoto) on

4. @tomklockerphoto

Tom is an Austria based photographer I recently met on a trip to Thailand. On his feed, you’ll find lots of outdoor landscape and mountain shots. He often combines beautiful light with the destination to create some of the most breathtaking shots on Instagram.

A post shared by Tom Klocker (@tomklockerphoto) on


5. @zeppaio

Another Austria based photographer Sebastian also post fantastic images from Austria and beyond.

A post shared by Sebastian Scheichl (@zeppaio) on


6. @markjinksphoto

Probably one of the best landscape photographers in Canada, Mark’s shots will leave you itching to visit the Rocky Mountains. On Mark’s feed you will find nothing but beautiful and technical pictures.

7. @argenel

A very nice guy and talented photographer whose work is often referred to as dreamy. Argen is Toronto based but shares pictures from national parks and destinations all around the world. From the Dolomites, Aruba, Costa Rica and of course Canada.

A post shared by Argen Elezi (@argenel) on

8. @marthasuherman.captures

Martha is a lovely photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Through her Instagram feed you’ll find lots of beautiful and technical pictures, including both landscapes and rural, but also occasionally some city.

9. @storyofsage

A humble but hugely talented photographer who also works for @beautifuldestinations capturing video and imagery all around the world. The work you’ll find on his feed has wonderful tones and he loves nothing more than to be outside with nature.

A post shared by Sage Stephens (@storyofsage) on

10. @alberthbyang

One of my favourite landscape photographers on Instagram, Alberts work is nothing short of stunning. As well as rural pictures you’ll find some city pictures in his feed which are also incredibly technical and artistic.

11. @erubes1

This guy posts some of the most beautiful sunset and sunrise pictures I’ve ever seen. He also has a wonderful editing style making his images look soft and dreamy. Definitely a top account to follow on Instagram.

A post shared by Eric Rubens (@erubes1) on


12. @bengreenphotography

Ben is an incredibly nice photographer and I recently went on a trip with him to Austria. He is very skilled and will take his time getting the perfect shot.


13. @adingattamimi

A photographer who travels all around the world, but is based in Australia. His feed on Instagram shows technical pictures and he often using long exposures and other creative methods in his work.

A post shared by Ading Attamimi (@adingattamimi) on

14. @sentinel

Another Canada based photographer, on Stacy’s feed you’ll find beautiful pictures showing you some of Canada’s most beautiful and sometimes lesser known areas.


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