A City Break is a short trip often for two to four days. They may be to major cities or smaller destinations. Wondering whether you should go on one? Here are the reasons why you should go on a city break and why it may be the perfect trip for you.

Short and Easy

Due to the short duration City Breaks can be easy to fit into your life. Depending on transport connections you might be able to go on a Friday and return on a Sunday. Or go early Saturday and return on Tuesday. Any combination could work. This means that you can easily fit them into your life and holiday allowance, and hopefully travel more throughout the year.

City Breaks can be cheap

City Breaks tend to take less budgeting and can often cost a lot less. This also makes them easy to fit into your lifestyle and save up for your trip. It’s often common to see awesome deals available throughout the year, such as weekend package deals. These might include accommodation, flights and other benefits. Keep an eye out for these and you may land a bargain.

Great way to use national holidays

A City Break is a great way to use national holidays, such as when you get a Monday or Friday off and means you can have an extended weekend away. Airlines can occasionally put prices up for these dates, so try and book in advance to get some good deals. Alternatively look into other options that are available such as using low-cost bus services or trains.

Many cities offer tourist cards

A lot of cities around the world now offer tourist city cards. These cards are designed to help you see as much of the destination as possible and within a short amount of time. such as 24-72 hours. You have to pay for the card and then often get free or discounted entry into attractions, as well as unlimited use of the public transport.

When getting a card like this I always recommend you calculate how much you’d spend without it first. Ie by looking at the attractions you want to visit and how much entry is.

Copenhagen Card
Copenhagen Card

You’ll get a break from your current destination

If you haven’t travelled for a while then you’ll probably feel like you need a break. And not just a break from work, but also from your current city or destination. Going to a completely different place may not feel completely like a break as you’ll probably be on your feet sightseeing, but the change of scenery will probably do you some good.

Many cities have great tourist infrastructure

A lot of places, especially cities in Europe have great infrastructure, making it incredibly easy to arrive and get around the city. This means that you have one less thing to worry about when visiting and makes the city great for those shorter visits.

You’ll see a new city or visit an old one

Finally, by going on a City Break you may get to see a new travel destination, or you could even visit a favourite one that you’ve been to in the past. This will often allow you to enjoy different experiences that you don’t get at home.

London Skyline at night
London Skyline at night


A City Break is a fantastic type of trip with heaps of benefits. Being a trip that is easy to do and often very affordable why not get your next one in the diary. Have you ever been on a city break before and what did you think?


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