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Trust me when I say Niagara Fall is amazing, and no matter how much you like these photos, nothing compares to seeing these incredible waterfalls with your own eyes.

Visiting Niagara is fairly easy depending on which direction you come from, but I’ve visited many times from Toronto in Canada which was only a couple of hours away on a bus (or you can drive). During my visits I have only spent a few hours on the American side and for that reason this post will be mainly focussed on the Canadian side.

Facts about Niagara Falls

  • During peak time 168,000 cubic metres of water flows over the Falls every minute.
  • The water comes from streams and rivers that empty into the Great Lakes, from Lake Superior to Lake Ontario.
  • The Niagara River connects two Great Lakes, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and Niagara Falls is found between them along this river.
  • The rapids leading up to the Falls can reach speeds of up to 40 km/hr (25 mph).
  • Part of the water is now used for Hydro-Electric power.
  • The current rate of erosion is estimated at 1 foot per year.
  • The movie Superman II (1980), as well as many other movies, have been filmed at Niagara Falls (for more click here).


American Falls

The American Falls has a drop of between 21 to 34 metres (70-110 ft.) at different points. Along the American side you will get a great appreciation of the massive flow and speed of the water before it plunges over the edge.

For views on the American side use the Niagara Falls Observation Tower to get a great side angle. You will also get amazing views from the Canadian side and the Skylon Tower. Both views are good, the American side gives you closeups whilst the Canadian side is more from afar.

American Falls high view
American Falls high view

Horseshoe Falls

The Horseshoe Falls are my probably my favourite and the water drops around 57 metres (188 ft.) into the lower Niagara River. The resulting plunge pool is around 35 metres (100 ft.) deep. Watching the flow of water from the side is almost mesmerizing and you will probably be left feeling little and insignificant (that’s how I felt).

Horsehoe Falls, Niagara Falls
Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls

Skylon Tower

The view from the Skylon Tower is pretty awesome and will give you some of the highest views. If you fancied a bite to eat you can dine in the revolving restaurant. Head to for more info.

Skylon Tower at night
Skylon Tower at night

The Falls at Night

At night the waterfalls are lit up from the Canadian side with colourful high powered spotlights. These make for awesome photographs (use a tripod if possible) or just appreciate the spectacle.

Colourful spotlights on American Falls
Colourful spotlights on American Falls

Maid in the Mist and Hornblower

One of the more popular attractions at Niagara Falls is taking the boat excursions Hornblower (Canadian side), or the Maid in the Mist (American side). These give you a close up to the Falls, but you will also get soaked (there are waterproof covers available though). Head to and for more information on these boat tours.

Hornblower Boat and American Falls
Hornblower Boat and American Falls
Hornblower Boat
Hornblower Boat
Tours and Activities

The Falls in the Winter

All year round Niagara Falls is an awesome place to visit, and often in the winter the water freezes a little providing a beautiful frosty perspective.

Horseshoe Falls at night with colourful lights
Horseshoe Falls at night with colourful lights
Winters at the Horseshoe Falls
Winters at the Horseshoe Falls

Rainbow Bridge

Although both sides offer fantastic views if you wanted you may be able to cross the Rainbow Bridge and see both sides. Check your countries visa/entry requirements if you intend to do this.

Boundary Line, Canada, USA Rainbow, Bridge
Boundary Line between Canada and USA on Rainbow, Bridge
Rainbows at the Falls
Rainbows at the Falls

Niagara City

Niagara is a fun place and people visit for more reasons than just to see the waterfalls. They also visit for the casinos, amusements, rides and nightlife.

Centre Street at Niagara Falls
Centre Street at Niagara Falls
Skywheel at night
Skywheel at night
Niagara Falls Dinosaur Adventure Golf
Niagara Falls Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Great hotels

Although I didn’t get to stay in a super nice hotel during my visits, there are plenty to choose from and some of them even come with hot tubs and other cool features.

Luxury Hotels
Luxury Hotels

Places to stay

Start your accommodation search on

For places to stay in Niagara start booking below…

Niagara Falls Destination Info

  • Destination type – Nature, Sightseeing, Nightlife
  • Currency – USD or CAN USD (depending on the side you’re on)
  • Closest major cities – Niagara, Toronto, Buffalo
  • Getting there – Drive or Mega Bus offer cheap connections between some cities.
  • Language – English
  • Power supply – Standard 120v- Type A and B
  • Tourism Websites – |

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