Amsterdam is one of the most unique and picturesque cities I’ve ever been to. I think it’s a city which is hard not to love, with beautiful interlocking canals and incredible architecture. Its one of those places where you’ll find yourself constantly stopping to take photographs and in this post I’ll show you some of my favourite pictures, that will hopefully make you want to visit.

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Here are pictures of Amsterdam that will make you want to visit.


First and foremost the architecture in Amsterdam is like nothing else. As you walk along the Centrum area everywhere you look are these wonderful tall narrow buildings, neatly packed together and often with a quirky design.

Buildings along the Damrak in Amsterdam
Buildings along the Damrak

Cycling Culture

Part of the Netherlands and Amsterdam culture is to cycle. I knew a little about this before I visited, but was not expecting to see quite so many bikes. They are literally hundreds of bikes everywhere, attached to railings, attached to buildings, attached to bridges, and even more parked in huge bike stands.

If you wanted to get a taste of the Netherlands culture, a great experience would be to hire a bike and cycle along the canals and streets like a local.

Cycling in Amsterdam
Cycling in Amsterdam
Cyclists in central Amsterdam
Cyclists in central Amsterdam
Bikes in Amsterdam
Bikes in Amsterdam

Sunrise in Amsterdam

Another nice way to experience the city is to head out first thing in the morning. I did this and found it really peaceful. As I walked, I enjoyed pausing to enjoy the view and colours bouncing off the water and watching the occasional cyclist go past on their way to work.

Beautiful Sunsets in Amsterdam
Beautiful Sunsets in Amsterdam


This city is perfect for reflection photography. During my visit there was no wind and the water was perfectly calm providing a mirror-like reflection of the architecture above.

Amsterdam also makes it easy to take photographs for Instagram, because using the reflections in the water you can easily frame a square or portrait cropped image (which is better for Instagram than a landscape crop).

Architecture and reflections in Amsterdam
Architecture and reflections in Amsterdam
Reflections in Amsterdam
Reflections in Amsterdam
The Waag (Weigh house)
The Waag (Weigh house)

Nights in Amsterdam

With the twinkle of lights on the water, the occasional boat going past, and even more perfect reflections, you could easily walk around the canals for hours at night. I think walking along the canals would be a very romantic experience, it’s so serene and peaceful you’ll often feel like it’s just you two in the city. Although the city is fantastic to photograph at any time, taking pictures at night is particularly nice.

Bridges at the Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht canals intersection in Amsterdam
Bridges at the Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht canals intersection
Centrum Borough and De Wallen
Centrum Borough and De Wallen
Nights in Amsterdam
Nights in Amsterdam
Nightlife in Amsterdam
Nightlife in Amsterdam
High views of Amsterdam
High views of Amsterdam

Photography Tips For Amsterdam

  • Explore the canals and streets in the morning for quiet streets and to potentially get sunrise colours.
  • Use a tripod and take photographs at night.
  • Try and use reflections in your shots to enhance your composition.
  • Find and research the best photo spots online before you visit.
  • Include light trails in your pictures to create a different and unique kind of photograph.

Head to Travel Photography for more tips and techniques.

Destination Info Box

Destination type:Architecture, Nightlife, Culture, History
WiFi:Easy to find everywhere
Emergency numbers:Dial 112 for fire, police and medical
Arrive by air:Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located just outside the city and it’s fast, cheap and easy to get into the city by train. Alternatively, consider Uber or a taxi.
Arrive by train: Amsterdam Centraal train station is located directly within the city. Head to to look for tickets.
Arrive by bus: FlixBus provide connections from many cities to Amsterdam and provide cheap fairs and a good service.
Language:Dutch (English is good everywhere)
Power supply: 230v- Type F – European – Type C also works.
Tourism Websites: |
 More Tips:  For more tips on Europe head to Top Tips for Travelling in Europe for the First Time.


Amsterdam is an amazing city to visit for photography and I’m sure you’ll return from your trip with tons of great pictures. Thanks for visiting this post and I hope you liked my photographs.

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Pictures of Amsterdam That Will Make You Want to Visit


    • Mike

      I haven’t yet but I’d love to one day and also visit the Tulip fields 🙂

  1. Fantastic post! We were only in Amsterdam for a quick 20 hour layover and really want to get back. Your sunrise and night shots are stunning. One of our favorite foods was the pancakes. We’d share a savory one for the main and a sweet one for dessert.

    • Mike

      Thanks Brian. I can imagine the pancakes are amazing. I didn’t have them last time but may ask you for a recommendation if I go back. 🙂

  2. I already love Amsterdam so don’t need much convincing to want to revisit 😉 Your photos are so beautiful though! I especially love all the light trails 🙂

  3. Filipa Dias

    You have beautiful photos Mike! I was in Amsterdam many years ago, definitely need to go back to explore a litle bit more!

  4. fouronaworldtrip

    I have been to Amsterdam several times, and actually, your pictures really make me wanna go back there! You really captured the city great! Well done!

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