The Best Shows on Netflix for Travel and Inspiration (16 Top Ideas)

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Netflix is a fantastic service that allows you to stream movies and tv series. The service is available in many countries around the world and there is content that will probably entertain most people, such as documentaries, dramas, action, sci-fi and children’s shows. They also have an app available which I would class as one of the best travel apps available, as you can download and watch shows and films offline. This also helps keep you entertained during long journeys. As a travel website in this post you’ll find out some of the best travel shows and documentaries on Netflix that may tickle your interest. Some provide great insight and inspiration on destinations to visit around the globe.

Please note that some of these shows aren’t available in all countries. Click on the link to go to your Netflix account and to see if it’s available in your country.

Here are some of the top shows to watch on Netflix for travel and destination inspiration.

Top Travel-Related Shows on Netflix

1. Travels with My Father

Travels with my father is a highly entertaining show following Jack Whitehall as he travels part of South East Asia. The premise of the show is that Jack never went travelling or backpacking during his younger adult years and wants to have those experiences. He then does this whilst dragging his elderly father Michael Whitehall along. What makes this show so amusing are some of the wild activities and experiences they have, with Jack being incredibly enthusiastic, whilst his father couldn’t be less thrilled and makes his thoughts and dislikes very clear.

There are now four seasons of Travels with My Father exploring various other continents around the world.


2. Street Food

Learn about street food around the world, with a focus on inspiring stories from locals who have taken their countries cuisine to the next level. Be prepared for a tear in the eye as you watch these episodes which have been beautifully created and will likely make you want to visit and try some of the delicious food you see.


3. Asian Provocateur

Asian Provocateur is a little bit like Travels with My Father but instead follows Romesh Ranganathan who is also a stand-up comedian from England. There are two seasons with the first season seeing Romesh exploring Sri Lanka and experiencing the culture based on his mother’s suggestions. Season two, on the other hand, is about travelling in America with Shanthi (his mum) and experiencing aspects of the culture in this part of the world. Both seasons are entertaining and might open up your mind to some potential travel ideas that you may also want to experience yourself one day.


4. Frozen Planet

A beautiful series by the BBC, Frozen Planet provides a breathtaking look into the coldest and most remote side of nature and the lives of some of its inhabitants that live there. With words by David Attenborough you’ll find this series inspiring, educational and completely fascinating.


5. Scam City

Scam City follows Conor Woodman to give you an inside look into some of the most notorious as well as lesser-known scams around the world. Including the black widow scam in Bogota involving one of the world’s scariest drugs Scopolamine, fake merchandise, pickpocketing and a whole host of other scams. This show will likely intrigue and capture your attention, as well as make you more aware of scams around the world. As a result, you may even become a bit more travel savvy helping your future travels become a safer experience.


6. Planet Earth

The ultimate nature series giving you a fantastic look at animals and their lives in all corners of the world. From jungles, deserts, oceans and caves, this mesmerising show will keep you hooked from start to finish.


7. Tales of Light

For anyone that loves photography and travel, you’ll find Tales of Light incredible. The show follows professional photographers around the world as they capture destinations, culture and nature using advanced and creative techniques. There are different parts to the series such as underwater photography, nature in Uganda, and tribes in Ethiopia.


8. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

A series from the late Anthony Bourdain where he travels to different destinations around the globe and takes you on a journey to see what the food culture is like.




9. The Layover

Another great show by Anthony Bourdain where he visits different places around the world and whilst doing so documents his experiences at the destination, including the food, culture and people. A show that shows a bit of the more natural side of destinations. A few of the cities he visits in the show includes Paris, Atlanta, Taipei, Chicago and many more.


10. Metropolis

For those that love city destinations, Metropolis is a great series helping you learn the history and how various cities came about. Including London, Rome, Paris, Manhattan and various others. You’ll find the show packed with history and interesting facts, that give you a great insight into places that you may then want to add to your bucket list.


11. Under an Arctic Sky

Under an Arctic Sky follows a group of six surfers who venture to the north of Iceland during the cold winter in search of waves and adventure. Beautifully documented and intriguing to watch.




12. Moving Art

Moving Art is a series with wonderful music complemented by stunning visuals from around the world. Such as time-lapses of landscapes, oceans, waterfalls and other beautiful places. This show is incredibly relaxing to watch and/or just listen to and is great for having on in the background whilst at home.


13. Departures

A show following Canadians Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach as they drop everything to travel the world for a year. The show captures their adventures and experiences across Canada, Jordan, India, Japan, Thailand and many other incredible places from around the world.


14. An Idiot Abroad

A fun show where Karl Pilkington (friend of comedian Ricky Gervais) travels the world to experience the culture and try entertaining experiences and customs.


15. 72 Dangerous Animals in Latin America

Learn about some of the most dangerous animals in Latin America. From tiny scorpions to huge Orcas you’ll discover some of the smallest and largest animals around the world that you certainly want to avoid during your travels.


16. Dark Tourist

Dark Tourist shows the less glamorous and darker side of destinations around the world. Presented by David Farrier you’ll follow him as he takes you to places such as the forbidden city in Cyprus, nuclear lakes in Kazakhstan, voodoo festivals in Benin and much more crazy stuff that only the more adventurous travellers would want to experience. However, if these things aren’t for you then just sit back and let David show you instead.


Other streaming services besides Netflix

A few other streaming services to consider include the below. Availability will also vary between countries.

  • Amazon Prime/Video – With Prime, you can stream thousands of movies and TV episodes. You can also download many of these using the App for offline viewing which is perfect for travellers. As well as this you may also find additional benefits (depending on your country), such as free delivery options when buying through the Amazon store, music streaming and more. Click for a 30-day free trial.
  • Disney+ – Disney+ is home to all of the best movies and shows created by Disney. As well as this you’ll find other great content available from the likes of Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic. Disney+ is also a great service around Christmas time when you’ll find classics such as Home Alone, Santa Clause and The Grinch.
  • Hayu – If you’re a fan of reality TV then Hayu would be a good option. In the library you’ll find shows such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Million Dollar Listing, House Wives and much more.
  • NOW – NOW comes with lots of entertaining shows to keep you entertained and offers various membership packages including Entertainment, Cinema or Sports. With NOW you can often get a 7-day free trial or discounted trial memberships to give the service a go.

How many streaming services should you sign up to?

It can be very easy to sign up to all the streaming services available. However, you should be careful when doing so as although each service can be cheap the price will quickly add up. We’d suggest paying attention to which services offer you the most amount of content that interests you, and also that provides regular updates and new shows or movies.

As most of these types of services offer free cancellation or one-month committments you could always just watch the shows and movies you want to see and then cancel. Then should the service come back with more shows or an additional series then you could again sign up, watch it and then cancel.


If you don’t already have Netflix then it’s definitely a service that is great for travel inspiration pre-trip or even to download and keep you entertained whilst on your trip.


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