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Vienna (and Austria) does have its own notable and delicious cuisine but you’ll also find restaurants serving other options for all tastes. When visiting the city you may be curious on some top options! Here are some of the best restaurants and places to eat when visiting Vienna.

1. Cafe Restaurant Leto

Serving a fantastic selection of Mediterranean cuisine Cafe Restaurant Leto is a top choice for your evening dinner. The vibe is a mix between casual and classy and this place would be recommended for couples, work lunches or groups friends or families.

General Info
Address: Schwertgasse 3 A-1010 Wien
Recommend for: Lunch/dinner – smart/casual
Dish worth trying: The mussels


2. Figar

Figar has two locations, in the 4th district and the 7th. The 7th offers a cosier space while the 4th is better for bigger groups. Dishes are all relatively healthy and there are options for a typically Viennese breakfast. Dishes can be small but they’re affordable so it may be worth ordering a few different things.

General Info
Address: Kirchengasse 18, 1070 Vienna (7th District) | Schleifmühlgasse 7, 1040 (4th District)
Recommend for: Brunch
Dish worth trying: Eggs Florentine


3. Da capo

De Capo is located in the 1st district, hidden between Stephansplatz and Stadtpark. Although they serve Mediterranean food, specifically Italian, the ambience is typically Viennese. You will be spoiled for choice for pizza, pasta and meat options as well as a fresh salad bar. This place is great for big groups, yet intimate enough for a date.

General Info
Address: Schulerstrasse 18 | 1010 Vienna
Recommend for: Dinner, smart/formal
Dish worth trying: The Risotto


4. Joseph brot

Josef Brot has a few locations, each with a different menu. All branches have something unique to offer, but baked goods and bread are common in all. Come here if you want a healthy breakfast, lunch or early dinner – you won’t be disappointed.

General Info
Address: Landstrasser Hauptstraße 4, 1030
Recommend for: Brunch/lunch
Dish worth trying: Eggs Benedict


5. 1500 foodmakers

1500 Foodmakers is conveniently located underneath the quirky 25 Hours Hotel on Lerchenfelderstraße. This is a great stop before a night out upstairs or to have a more quiet evening in the restaurant. Here you have a large selection of drinks and tasty food to go along with it.

General Info
Address: 25 Hours Hotel, Lerchenfelder Str. 1/3, 1070
Recommend for: Dinner, drinks
Dish worth trying: Spaghetti alla puttanesca

6. Salon Plafond

Salon Plafond is located in a beautiful building attached to the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts). There are two menus to this place, and similarly two distinct feels. During the day, especially in the summer when the gorgeous back patio is open, this place is bright and airy. At night, it is more intimate serving a more sophisticated (and pricier) menu.

General Info
Address: Stubenring 5 1010 Wien
Recommend for: Brunch
Dish worth trying: Beef Top Blade


7. Brickmakers

Step into Brickmakers and you feel like you’re stepping out of Vienna. Loud and largely English speaking, this restaurant has a gastropub feeling with binge-worthy food. Meat lovers will benefit from many BBQ options – these come with some side salads but it’s definitely worth ordering another gluttonous side as well. This place is great for big groups, sports fans and beer drinkers.

General Info
Address: Zieglergasse 42, 1070
Recommend for: Lunch or dinner (breakfast on weekends only)
Dish worth trying: Mac and Cheese or or Brickmaker’s Platter


8. Klyo

Klyo is centrally located at Urania in the 1st district. This is a busy spot for breakfast – you can make a reservation at 9, 11 or 13.30 at weekends and they are strict about 2 hours only (this is short for a brunch/breakfast in Vienna!) This place gets booked up and there’s a good reason for it – it’s delicious. If you don’t want to be rushed, go for dinner and stay for the bar scene overlooking the canal. In the summer, this is a particularly good option as you can explore more of the canal bars and beach in the vicinity.

General Info
Address: Uraniastrasse 1, 1010 Vienna
Recommend for: Any meal
Dish worth trying: Filet Vom Steirischen Freilandhuhn



Ulrich is a short walk from MuseumsQuartier, Rathaus (city hall) and various other major attractions in Vienna. Ulrich has a great atmosphere and an equally good menu full of tasty options. A great choice is the Wild Boar Schnitzel which is a nice variation of the typical Viennese dish. 

General Info
Address: St. Ulrichsplatz 1 1070
Recommend for: Lunch/Dinner/Casual
Dish worth trying: Wild Boar Escalope


10. Motto am Fluss

One of the nicest restaurants in the city, Motto am Fluss is a fantastic place to dine. The restaurant has a posh and romantic atmosphere, and whilst eating some delicious dishes, you will get to enjoy the views of the Danube Canal. Sometimes there is nice music playing from a live DJ that works really well with the vibe.

General Info
Address: Franz-Josefs-Kai 2, 1010
Recommend for: Lunch/Dinner/Smart/Romantic
Dish worth trying: Pink roasted lamb crown

11. Cafe Imperial or 1873 – HalleNsalon

Cafe Imperial is located in the stunning Hotel Imperial Vienna and serves probably the best Schnitzel in the city. The cafe is in a beautiful setting and serves delicious and classic Viennese dishes.

General Info
Address: Kaerntner Ring 16, Vienna, 1015
Recommend for: Lunch/Dinner/Posh/Romantic
Dish worth trying: Viennese Schnitzel (the best in Vienna)


12. The Guesthouse

The Guesthouse is a nice place to go for breakfast and they do great eggs benedict. It’s also close to various attractions in the 1st district, such as the Albertina and Wiener Staatsoper.

General Info
Address: Führichgasse 10, A-1010
Recommend for: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Smart
Dish worth trying: Egg Florentine


13. Pizzeria Il Mare

For amazing pizza and Italian food then this restaurant just up from Mariahilferstrasse (near Zieglergasse station) is a great choice. The restaurant has a wonderful and authentic Italian atmosphere and the ingredients are fresh and delicious.

General Info
Address: Zieglergasse 15, 1070
Recommend for: Lunch/Dinner/Casual
Dish worth trying: Any pizza


14. Heurige (various)

A fantastic eating experience in Vienna is to visit a Heurige. These are traditional wine taverns that also sell their own homemade wine. Many Heurige have their vineyards at their restaurants which are nice to gaze upon whilst eating and drinking the local food.

General Info
Website: Head to for some suggestions.
Address: Various
Recommend for: Lunch/Dinner/Casual/Culture
Dish worth trying: All is good


For most of these restaurants and other restaurants throughout Vienna it’s worth checking their website and potentially calling up or booking a reservation online (if available).

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