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We offer certain Instagram shoutouts on two of our Instagram accounts below. Please click the link to see the latest follower count.

@bestcitybreaks (375k+ followers)
@travelanddestinations (500k+ followers)



@bestcitybreaks normally gets upwards of 5k likes on a post (destination type post)
@travelanddestinations normally gets upwards of 5k likes on a post (destination type post)

Story views/impressions.

@bestcitybreaks often gets upwards of 8k views and @travelanddestinations gets upwards of 9k views on a Story. On mobile swipe to see stats for @travelanddestinations.

BCB Stories Example
@bestcitybreaks Stories Example

travelanddestinations Story Views
@travelanddestinations Stories Example


We are very particular as to what we share with our audience on these accounts. Here are some guidelines:

  • We will only promote products and services that would appeal to those interested in travel.
  • Images should be your own or those that you have a right to use.
  • For Stories – The image should be provided which should be long and thin so as to fit the story.
  • For Posts – The image should be square or vertical.
  • An account you want to tag should be provided.
  • Website link should be provided if applicable.
  • The Story would be active for 24 hours. we would then provide view/impression counts and also swipes for links.
  • A Post will be live for 24hrs-5 days depending on the agreement.



    • 24-hour Story = £100 for one slide / 5 slides for £400
    • 24-hour post = £100
    • 7-day post = £500


  • 24-hour Story = £75 for one slide / 5 slides for £300
  • 24-hour post = £75
  • 7-day post = £375

Payment terms

  • Payable in advance via Paypal once we approve the supplied image and we agree on a caption.
  • There are no refunds.

Other important notes

  • There is no guarantee of conversions, such as people buying your product or service, or even swipe ups or clicks to your account. You would essentially be paying for the promotion that can help build brand awareness and hopefully bring sales.
  • There is no guarantee of engagement. We will just be open and transparent as to what our current engagement is like (or see for yourself).
  • When posting promotion images often engagement can be significantly lower compared to a destination type post. This is standard on Instagram and you’ll find the same pattern on all large accounts.
  • There will be #ad in the caption or Story so as to be transparent with our followers.

Get in touch

If interested please fill out the form below. Please note we will only post select content (ie that’s relevant to the travel industry), so if we don’t think the content fits then we won’t able to work together.

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