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How to Get Featured on @travelanddestinations (Instagram)


Our Instagram account @travelanddestinations was created to provide travel inspiration, as well as a way to help other travellers and photographers to get more exposure. On this account, we share user-generated content from photographers all over the world. We have fairly strict standards which you can read more about below, although this doesn’t mean we only feature Instagrammers that have huge followings. In fact, we would happily feature people that have 20 followers, it makes no difference to us.

What and how we post

You may already know that we of course share travel photographs. We aim to post pictures of destinations all around the world and mix it up. Pictures of lesser-known places we really like, although we would only share if they met our standards mentioned below. We often look through the images we’ve been tagged with and then save/bookmark any that we think might work. The images we’ve saved are then essentially shortlisted. When it comes to our next post we will then look through all these shortlisted images and choose something that slots in well with the other images in our grid.

Our standards and getting noticed

This may sound obvious but we only publish images on Instagram that meet our style.

This includes such things as:

  • Vertical or square crop – We will generally avoid sharing images that are a horizontal crop as we feel less pixels will be used on mobile devices and the image looks small and thin. We want to immerse our audience in the images, and vertical and square crops do this best.
  • Composition – We do look for well-composed images. This might involve using leading lines, framing, reflections and other techniques. Read more on composition techniques.
  • Colour – We like images that have good colour. This means the colours aren’t oversaturated and look totally unnatural. We may also not post images that are really dull, dark or gloomy.
  • Low noise – Night photography is great, and we do love these images, but if they’ve been taken with a high ISO then they will often have noise. We recommend taking night time images with a tripod and the lowest ISO setting possible. Read more on night photography techniques.
  • No closeup selfies – We do like images with people in them, and for them to be a major part of the image. But if the person is looking at the camera, or very close filling most of the frame this doesn’t really work for a feature account.
  • Images should be clearly yours – As we’re trying to help others by sharing user-generated content, we, of course, want to ensure we’re crediting the correct author. When deciding what to post we look at the Instagrammers feed and should there be any doubt we’ll move on to other options.

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How to get featured with us

Tagging us in your photos

Ultimately the main way to get featured is by tagging us in your photographs. We mainly look at those who have tagged us in their images, rather than the hashtag, although feel free to also use the hashtag.

Follow and comment

Although we don’t force anyone to follow us, it is certainly appreciated. If you follow us and comment on our photographs you may be noticed more.

Another way to get noticed is to follow and comment on our admin’s photographs. The admin right now is me @mikecleggphoto. But this isn’t a necessary requirement, so please only follow and comment if you genuinely like the photos.

Why we haven’t featured you yet

We would love to help every travel photographer that tags us, but there are only so many photographs we can share per day. We also have huge amounts of fantastic images to choose from. Bear in mind that our hashtag alone has over 500,000 images tagged to it. We also get tagged in many peoples photographs which we do check regularly (as one of our main ways to find images). BUT, if you follow our standards above you’ll be more likely to get noticed and possibly featured.



So just a huge thanks to everyone that follows @travelanddestinations on Instagram. We really hope you find the travel images we share inspirational, and of course always remember to check out the credited authors, and possibly follow them for more travel ideas and inspiration.

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